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Bilingualism & Biculturalism Through Social Interaction

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Hinoki Camp - Bicultural Camping

Every summer, Hinoki Foundation sponsors a weekend camping trip, where students gather for fellowship, language learning, and cross-cultural sharing. With fishing, swimming, and games, Hinoki Camp is an exciting way for children to practice bilingual & bicultural skills in a supportive environment.


Hinoki-Kai Social Events

Hinoki Foundation sponsors social gatherings called “Hinoki Kai,” to encourage peer-to-peer interaction between native speakers of Japanese and English. Hinoki-Kai events always incorporate a language-learning element, to promote real-life application and development of bilingual language skills.


Hinoki Cup - Bilingual Quiz Game

Hinoki Cup is a bilingual quiz-game for 3rd- to 9th-graders, who are either native or non-native learners of Japanese and English. Its goal is to give younger students an exciting venue to demonstrate their language ability and boost their motivation to continue their study of both languages.

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