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Corporate & Charitable Organization Sponsors

Organizations Supporting Bilingualism & Multiculturalism

  1. JBSD Foundation - The JBSD Foundation promotes understanding and friendship between the people of Japan and Michigan, by supporting institutions & nonprofits engaged in Japanese language and culture education. Visit: JBSD Foundation
  2. Japan Foundation Los Angeles - Japan Foundation Los Angeles (JFLA) promotes Japanese-language studies, international exchange, and Japanese arts and culture in countries outside Japan. Visit: JFLA
  3. Japan Foundation New York, Center for Global Partnership - An office of the Japan Foundation, the Center for Global Partnership (CGP) promotes grassroots promotion of Japanese language and culture, through generous project grants and salary assistance. Visit: CGP.
  4. Hitachi Astemo - Hitachi Astemo, a global leader in mobility solutions, fosters postive community relations through financial support of local educational and charitable organizations. Visit: Astemo
  5. Niji-Iro Elementary School PTA - The Niji-Iro Elementary School PTA organizes and supports various social, cultural, and educational events to supplement the bilingual and multicultural program at Niji-Iro Elementary in Livonia, Michigan. Visit: Niji-Iro Elementary PTA
  6. PCPT - Premier Care Physical Therapy provides rehabilitation and pain-managment services in the Detroit Area, and is dedicated to supporting local schools and social-service nonprofit organizations. Visit: PCPT
  7. TMNA - Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America is a premier mobility company with a strong presence in Michigan. It strongly supports local charitable activities, including language programs. Visit: TMNA
  8. Community Financial - Community Financial Credit Union serves checking, savings, loan, and mortgage needs in Michigan, while also supporting local public-service organizations like Hinoki Foundation. Visit: Community.
  9. Unity of Ann Arbor - Unity of Ann Arbor is an inclusive place of spiritual awakening, working to advance the global movement of transformation through unity, and is supportive of local service organizations. Visit: Unity
  10. Meijer - Meijer is a supercenter retail store, offering groceries, home goods, and pharmacy services. With roots in Michigan, Meijer provides financial gifts to support local nonprofits like Hinoki Foundation. Visit: Meijer
  11. Warm Heart Market - Warm Heart Market is a locally owned business in Farmington, MI, that offers various Asian foods, household decorations, and other general household goods. Visit: Warm Heart.
  12. International Institute at Mott Community College (Flint, MI) - The International Institute offers global educational opportunities for MCC students & faculty, and supports online exchange activities with students in Japan and MCC's beginning & intermediate Japanese courses. Visit: International Institute. 
  13. United States-Japan Foundation - The United States-Japan Foundation promotes stronger ties between Americans and Japanese by supporting projects that foster mutual knowledge and education, understanding, and effective channels of communication.Visit USJF
  14. Japan-United States Friendship Commission -  The Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission (JUSFC) is an independent U.S. federal agency that promotes U.S.-Japan relations, Japan Studies, and people-to-people exchanges to advance common interests between the United States and Japan. Visit: JUSFC.
  15. Washtenaw Community College (Ann Arbor, MI) - WCC is a premier community college that offers a wide range of high-quaity educational programs in business, industry, new technology, and the arts, to post-secondary students. Visit: WCC
  16. Koby Learning Group (Novi, MI) - Koby Learning Group provide English (ESL) lessons, tutoring, childcare, and general consultations to help ex-pat children & families adapt to life in the United and thrive with confidence. Visit: Koby
  17. OneZo (Novi Branch) - OneZo is an artisan bubble tea cafe - the first in the world to make boba from scratch, in-store! OneZo in Novi also sells Japanese goods at HERS Zakka. Visit: OneZo.
  18. Japanese Family Services (Novi, MI) - JFS helps Japanese families temporarily living in America to have a better understanding of the language, culture and customs of daily life, by offering services, advice, and hands-on support in both Japanese and English (日本語もOK).Visit: JFS
  19. Bento 39 (Novi, MI) - Bento 39 is a locally owned eat-in/carry-out restaurant and caterer that provides balanced meals and traditional Japanese foods, including delicious "Bento Boxes" (Japanese-style lunches). Visit: Bento 39
  20. Ikigai Connections (National) - Ikigai Connections provides services for job seekers with Japanese & English language and/or cultural skill, including job listings and other resources. 

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© Copyright 2023 Hinoki Foundation - All Rights Reserved