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Hinoki Camp

U.S.-Japan Bicultural/Bilingual Family Camping 

Thank you for the largest Hinoki Camp ever! See you in 2023!

Thank you, Meijer, for your generous support of Hinoki Camp 2022!

Families are asked to use own judgment in managing health risks at camp, including Covid-19.


Every Summer, Hinoki Foundation sponsors a weekend camping trip, where children and their families gather for fellowship, language learning, and cultural sharing. In addition to swimming, fishing, and "suika-wari" (watermelon smashing), families from America and Japan demonstrate their outdoor skills, and create some of the best “cross-cultural” camp cuisine you have ever eaten! Hinoki Camp is an exciting way for children to practice bilingual and bicultural skills in a supportive environment.

Click here for the latest Hinoki Camp information (英語・日本語併記).

Click here for a list of camp equipment to bring (英語・日本語併記).

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