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Hinoki Links

Online Resources for Japanese & English Learners

Links for Japanese Learners
Tofugu Database of Japanese Learning Resources - Collection of links to over 500 online resources for Japanese language learning (reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar, etc.). BEGINNER to ADVANCED

Paolo from Tokyo - English-narrated videos that introduce Japanese customs & culture. Includes some spoken and written Japanese. BEGINNER. 

NHK for School - Collection of short Japanese-language videos sortable by school subject and grade (K-12), with English navigation guides. INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED.

NHK News Web Easy - Short Japanese news articles with Hiragana pronunciation guides and audio for listening practice. Good for Japanese learners who can read Hiragana. Webpage is in Japanese, but easy to navigate. INTERMEDIATE. 

Aozora Bunko - Collection of written stories in Japanese (and some English stories with Japanese translation & commentary), for advanced learners of Japanese. Strong Japanese is required to navigate site. ADVANCED.

Aozora Ondoku - Collection of audio stories in Japanese, for advanced learners of Japanese. ADVANCED. 

Links for English Learners
Learning Chocolate - Learning tools for building basic English vocabulary, categorized by grade (1~8). Includes illustrations and interactive practice tools, allowing both reading and listening practice. BEGINNER. 

Many Things - Collection of reading, audio, and video resources for English-as-second-language (ESL) students. Includes stories, vocabulary lists, quizzes, and games. BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE. 

News in Levels - Short news articles in English, at 3 levels of difficulty, with accompanying video for listening practice. INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED. 
Master Database
Hinoki Links Public Database - Detailed spreadsheet of additional online resources for Japanese-English language learning.

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© Copyright 2023 Hinoki Foundation - All Rights Reserved