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Resource Donations

Donations of Cultural Materials

Hinoki Foundation uses and distributes various Japanese-related materials at its cultural exhibits, educational activities, and Hinoki-Kai social events. You can support our mission with a generous donation of the following types of goods. Thank you!
  1. Books & Texts - Japanese books, picture books, comics (manga), textbooks, and drill books, etc.
  2. Cultural Items - Calligraphy supplies, abacuses, origami paper, seasonal decorations (kadomatsu, koinobori), etc.
  3. Games - Traditional toys such as kendama ball-and-cup toy, koma tops, dolls, (ningyo), sugoroku board game, karuta card games, shogi chess sets, etc. 
  4. Other - Please contact us if you have a resource that could be used to promote language and cultural education!

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