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Program Support

Fostering Japanese-English Bilingualism


Hinoki Online Talk

For at-home learning for grades 4~9, Hinoki Foundation hosts "face to face" online chats with native Japanese speakers. Casual and fun, these sessions are organized by ability level, and led by college students in Japan & the US. 
Click here for more information. Click here to register. Terms and conditions for Hinoki Online Services can be found here in English, and here in Japanese. Procedures are here.


Support of Cultural Events & Festivals

Language and culture are closely related, making cultural events an important part of acquiring a second language. For this reason, Hinoki Foundation supports Japanese-language programs by participating in exhibits, demonstrations, and other special activities that introduce students to Japanese and American culture. To host an event, contact us here


Hinoki Intern Program

Hinoki Foundation identifies and places talented volunteer "interns" to support school programs, cultural events, and Japnese-English bilingual education. These interns offer their time and skills to help young language learners as mentors, conversation partners, and rich sources of cultural knowlege.

Click here for a description of Hinoki Interns


Kids & College Students Program

Hinoki Foundation brings student teachers from Japanese universities for mini-homestays with local families with children studying Japanese. This unique short-term program allows young students to apply their bilingual skills, thereby motivating them to continue on their path to Japanese-English bilingualism.



SoroBanzai! Introduces elementary students to the basics of calculating with an abacus (called “soroban” in Japanese). This afterschool enrichment activity promotes concentration, imagination, motor skills, and of course mathematics. Instruction is in both English and Japanese. 


Fun With Japanese

The Fun With Japanese afterschool program encourages young bilingual learners of all ability levels to apply their skills in exciting ways. Activities include collaborative story telling, quiz contests, word searches, and board games. Successful real-life application of language skills encourages continued study. 


Japanese Writing Contest

For requesting schools, Hinoki Foundation will sponsor writing contests to promote the application of Japanese skills, for both heritage and non-heritage learners of Japanese. Targeting upper-elementary and middle-school students, this is a fun opportunity to build confidence in one's bilingual skills.
Click here for examples of past contests.


Special Motivational Activities

Nothing is more multicultural than the International Space Station! Hinoki Foundation sponsored an opportunity for elementary students studying bilingualism to have a live dialogue with a real NASA astronaut.

This was an exciting example of how students might apply their language skills in the future. 


Hinoki Foundation in Japan!

Since 2015, Hinoki Foundation has supported an annual English-learning event in Kyushu, Japan! Creating cross-cultural connections and friendships builds the foundation for future interntional student exchanges, and the inspiration for lifetime bilingual learning. 



Hinoki Foundation PILOT

The Hinoki Foundation Practicum in International Leadership in Online Teaching (PILOT) is a free online teacher-education program for language teachers, providing hands-on opportunity to develop teaching skills under the tutelage of professional instructors and educators. (Program timing varies). 

Click here for details.



Japanese Writing Contest - Additional Information & Forms

Click here for introduction and rule packet (including all forms & deadlines).
Click here for required student application form (all grades/levels). 

Click here for 5th/6th-grade entry form for writing submission. 
Click here for completed sample (5th/6th-grade). 

Click here for 7th/8th-grade entry form for writing submission.
Click here for completed sample (7th/8th-grade). 

Note: Please download pdf first if you have difficulty printing from browser. 

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