FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

No. While Hinoki Foundation was originally established to support the Hinoki International School, a former charter school in Farmington Hills, Michigan, it has always been a distinct organization, and currently provides services to any Michigan elementary or secondary school that has Japanese programming.

Language immersion is a method of bilingual education in which the target language is not taught as a "foreign language" in isolated instruction, but instead used when delivering instruction in other subjects, such as math, science, or social studies. This increases the level of language exposure, to create an "immersive" environment. 

A heritage language is a minority language acquired as a child from speakers of that language, typically family or community members with a common "heritage." It is typically less developed than the dominant (primary) language used in the broader social setting.

Hinoki is a type of cypress tree that is native to Japan. It grows straight and tall, is thick and reslient, and produces a fragrant lemon-like scent. Due to its high-quality, Hinoki timber is used to build palaces, temples, shrines, baths, and other culturally valued items. Our hope is that all children grow as strong, true, and loved as a Hinoki tree.

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