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Teacher-Education Programs

Resources for Current & Future Japanese Teachers

  1. Center for Language Education & Research (East Lansing, MI) - The Center for Language Education & Research (CLEAR) offers workshops for language teachers. Visit: CLEAR
  2. Teacher-Certification Institutions - The Michigan Department of Education (MDOE) maintains a list of universities approved to offer certification programs for teaching Japanese in Michigan's public schools. Visit: Certification
  3. Japanese Teachers Association of Michigan (JTAM) - JTAM is an affiliate group of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ). Serving all of Michigan, JTAM sponsors professional-development activities for grade K-16 teachers, and competitive opportunities for grade K-16 students of Japanese. Visit: JTAM 
  4. Hinoki Foundation PILOT - The Hinoki Foundation Practicum in International Leadership in Online Teaching (PILOT) is a free online teacher-education program for language teachers, providing hands-on opportunity to develop teaching skills under the tutelage of professional instructors and educators. (Program timing varies). See: PILOT

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